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Mouse CD4 Wave 2 (13 labels) Label Characterization Kit (NovaKit™)



About: RUO Kit for characterization of 13 NovaFluors™. The kit is formulated to enable the testing of all 13 wave 2 NovaFluors™.  Each kit contains 13 different NovaFluor™ formats of anti-mouse CD4 (clone GK1.5) and 10 tests of each antibody per vial. Discover which NovaFluors™ perform the best in your panel.

Fluorescent Labels: This kit contains the following fluorescent labels:

  • NovaFluor™ Blue 510
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 555
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 585
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 610-70S
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 660-120S
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 590
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 690
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 700
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 720
  • NovaFluor™ Red 660
  • NovaFluor™ Red 685
  • NovaFluor™ Red 700
  • NovaFluor™ Red 710

Please note: NovaFluor™ Yellow 720 is expected to begin shipping in mid-April 2021.

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