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NovaFluor Labelled Antibodies

Reveal what you are missing with clean emitting fluorophores, directly conjugated to your antibodies.

The NovaFluor™ Labelled Antibodies range features most of your favourite clones conjugated directly to any available NovaFluor™. With our fluorescence-by-design Phiton platform, you will be able to add more parameters to your current panels in discovery research, and resolve stained populations like never before thanks to our labels’  clean emission (near-zero cross excitation and “silent in the violet”). The consistency and stability of our labels is unmatched, and enables you to rapidly scale from discovery to screening. 

Our Antibody Labelling program allows you to order any in-house clone directly conjugated to any NovaFluor™.

Go beyond the current limitations and compromises of PE and PE-tandem dyes, resolve new cell populations, and use the full capabilities of your blue, yellow/green and red lasers.  The advances provided by our designer antibody labelling program to our best-in-class block enable new colors and new biology in your laboratory right now. 

Resolve what you have been missing:

  • Increase the number of parameters on conventional and spectral flow cytometers with clean and bright labels 
  • “Stack” and utilize the capabilities of your blue, yellow/green and red lasers simultaneously
  • Resolve populations with limited/near-zero cross excitation and the lowest spread performance of any blue and yellow-green excited fluorescent labels 
  • Order any NovaFluor™ conjugated to any available clone in house within a turnaround time never before seen in the market

Consistently amazing discovery with these directly conjugated antibodies:

  • Direct conjugation service available for any in-house clone on any NovaFluor™
  • Simple workflow
  • Optimized blocking solution for Flow Cytometry applications
  • Available with Phiton technology

Cell Phenotyping by Flow Cytometry

Uncover and better resolve cell population heterogeneity by Flow Cytometry.  Our labels increase the parameters accessible per cell on extant instrumentation, and enable you to discover more.

Longitudinal studies with best-in-class consistency and stability

Stability without special buffers and incredible consistency in manufacturing and staining, backed by our QC-on-cells process.

Detect the previously undetectable with tunable brightness

We have shown the ability to tune the brightness of our labels, and are working to produce stoichiometrically brighter versions of the labels, bringing you more capabilities in short order.


+ NovaBlue 610 vs PE-Dazzle™ (CF594™, PE-CF594™, PE-TR™)
+ NovaBlue™ 530
+ NovaBlue™ 610
+ NovaBlue™ 660
NovaYellow™ 570
NovaYellow™ 610
NovaYellow™ 660