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2020 Product Catalog

NovaFluor Conjugation Kit
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6 x 100μg/
1 x 100μg
RUO Conjugation kit for testing and high throughput applications. The conjugation kit is formulated to enable the conjugation of 100μg of unique antibody to each NovaFluor fluorescent label. Yield is typically 25-100 tests of NovaFluor conjugated antibody, depending on the conjugation efficiency of your antibody and its performance in application. Conjugation kits include our NovaBlock solution for flow cytometry staining.DOWNLOADSHOP
NovaBlock Solution
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25/100/500 testsHigh performance blocking solution specially formulated to block non-specific binding of PE-tandem dyes as well as NovaFluor fluorescent labels.DOWNLOADSHOP
NovaFluor Conjugated Antibodies
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100 testsMonoclonal anti-human and anti-mouse antibodies conjugated to NovaFluor fluorescent labels under optimal conditions by Phitonex’s expert conjugation chemists. Quality assessment is performed for each lot of NovaFluor conjugated antibodies. Lot-to-lot variation has been demonstrated to be < 5%.DOWNLOADSHOP
NovaFluor Conjugation for High Throughput ApplicationsInquireNovaFluors for high-volume fluorescent labeling and screening applications.DOWNLOADINQUIRE


+ NovaBlue 610 vs PE-Dazzle™ (CF594™, PE-CF594™, PE-TR™)
+ NovaBlue™ 530
+ NovaBlue™ 610
+ NovaBlue™ 660
NovaYellow™ 570
NovaYellow™ 610
NovaYellow™ 660