Phitonex is now a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. There is no change for our customers at this time to sales or service contacts or processes. We look forward to sharing more on the benefits of the acquisition for our customers soon. Learn more about: Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Phiton™ Platform Technology

The first and only platform for fluorescence-by-design.

NovaFluors™ are powered by Phiton™ Technology. Phitonex uses a DNA nanotechnology platform to create highly customizable, deterministic fluorescent nanoparticles called Phitons™. This platform enables rapid innovation of labels across the spectrum with high fluorescence transfer efficiencies, minimized cross-excitation, and reduced spectral spillover.

This technology enables us to rapidly design brighter and newer fluorescent labels with incredible alacrity.  The Phiton Technology is currently offered in:

Fluorescence by Design Platform

 Single-stranded DNA is combined with component fluorescent dyes and folded into a Phiton structure.  This stable, proven DNA nanostructure technology serves as our platform for optical engineering and can be rapidly, consistently, and scalably assembled.

With the platform, we can tune:

  • Excitation and emission
  • Brightness
  • Signatures