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Fluorophores for Flow Cytometry Selection Guide

Our Fluorophores for Flow Cytometry selection guide is an interactive guide enabling you to select and choose the best fluorophore for your experiment. As we currently offer NovaFlour fluorescent labels for the blue, yellow/green, and red laser lines, these labels are compared in terms of brightness (separation index) and spread below.

Table 1. Fluorescent labels for flow cytometry, including spectral spread (calculated as the sum of spectral spread added to all non-primary channels) and separation index (as a measure of brightness, measured using anti-human CD4-SK3 for all fluorescent labels). All measurements were taken on a 5-laser Cytek™ Aurora.

(Cy® is a trademarks of GE Healthcare Limited. Alexa Fluor® is a trademark of Molecular Probes Inc.  eFluor® is a registered trademark of ThermoFisher. Vio® is a registered trademark of Miltenyi Biotec. KIRAVIA Blue 520™ is a registered trademark of Sony. Spark Blue™, Spark NIR™, APC/Fire™, and PE/Dazzle™ are registered trademarks of BioLegend. CF® is a registered trademark of Biotium. Cytek™ and Aurora™ are registered trademarks of Cytek Biosciences. Phitonex™, NovaFluor™, NovaBlue™, NovaYellow™, and NovaRed™ are registered trademarks of Phitonex, Inc.)

Figure 1. Fluorophore Selection “Navigator” of blue, yellow/green, and red- excited fluorescent labels used in flow cytometry. How to use: (1) Mouse over to see the label and its values, (2) Double click on a laser line (e.g. 488 nm, blue) to just show fluorophores that are excited by that laser line, (3) you can make a selection by selecting an area of the graph.