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NovaFluor™ Stability – The Absent Minded Trainee Test

We’ve all been there before…busy day in the lab, trying to get everything stained, and the experiment done in time to meet the rest of the students at the pub, so that elusive antibody vial simply does not make it back into the fridge before you start downing that first pint.  

Or the customs paperwork in a shipment to Sydney, Australia is missing a “t” or has a spelling mistake so the whole shipment is stuck in customs for a couple of weeks with a million emails back and forth to figure out what is missing.

You get the picture, stability of antibodies at room temperature is critically important.  For this reason we have rigorously tested the stability and performance of our NovaFluor antibody conjugates by taking them out of the fridge and putting them in a drawer at room temperature for two weeks.  As you can see above, the results are incredibly consistent.  

There is no difference in the performance of NovaFluors™ stored at room temperature for two weeks in comparison to those that were refrigerated.  

Of course we always recommend long term refrigerated storage, but it is good to know that the lazy student or Sydney customs official can rest easy that their actions will have no immediate impact on the performance of the NovaFluors.  

The obvious next step is to see how the NovaFluors perform in a Master Mix!!  Watch this space for more information on this.

Are you ready to take the leap? “ The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible” – Alice in Wonderland.

Time to give NovaFluors a try.  You can find them here.