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What about the NovaFluor™ conjugation kit??

Conjugation made easy  

At Phitonex we had a feeling we were on to something…so then started asking the question – what is the fastest way to enable people with our fluorescent labels? In a lightbulb moment we realised this was going to be with a conjugation kit! To that end, we started testing conjugation kits currently in the market and set some simple requirements by approaching the kit the same way we approach new label development — as an engineering problem that needs requirements.  

Those requirements were:

  1. No special equipment 
  2. Low hands-on time
  3. NovaFluor conjugated antibodies in less than 24 hours

So….we tested many, many kits….and finally constructed our current conjugation kit, which has just 3 steps.  

That’s it!?  Yes.

This has been a great tool for researchers who want to implement our clean fluorescent labels, on their antibodies, into their panels quickly. And now we have just a few improvements making this kit even faster and easier than before.  Here are the 3 steps of our kits:

  1. NovaFluor™ Linker Attachment to Antibody: In this step, we combine a linker with your antibody in a simple overnight reaction, which adds oligonucleotides to your antibody.  The reaction is quenched the following day.
  2. Removal of Excess NovaFluor™ Linker from DNA-Conjugated antibody: Following feedback from our customers, we have vastly improved this step and shown that just 1 precipitation will enable you to retrieve your purified Oligo-tagged antibody and remove the free linker.  (see image below)
  3. Anneal NovaFluor™ to Oligo-Conjugated Antibody: Here, the NovaFluor is added, which is then annealed to the oligonucleotide linker sequence.  After just 2 hours on a heat block and cooling to room temperature, your NovaFluor-labeled antibodies are ready for staining.

While we offer a suite of conjugated antibodies, and can print any antibody on any of our colors, including our new  25 test versions of all our antibodies, we think it’s critical to get our 17 unique colors and 19 fluorescent labels in the hands of researchers to enable their discovery.  

So our conjugation kits can be found here, which allow for labeling of 100ug of antibody across all of our labels. Phitonex conjugation kits are competitively priced versus both directly conjugated antibodies and other conjugation kits on the market.

But don’t take our word for it — 

“I conjugated Thy1 to NovaBlue 610 and it is working beautifully!” – Cara Hrusch, Senior Scientist at AbbVie

“Successfully tested Phitonex conjugation kit with NovaBlue 660 and 610 dyes. Highly recommended to all cytometrist[s]! 

Bright Fluorochromes √ 

Less spillover √

Easy conjugation procedure√

Many thanks to Mike Stadnisky and Seddon Thomas for shipping it quickly.”

-Abhisek Koladiya, Cytometrist and Data Scientist at Department of Immune-monitoring and flow cytometry, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Prague.

“The best addition to flow cytometry in the last 10 years.  This product allows you to stack new markers in already crowded flow cytometry panels.  The dyes are bright with very low background,”  Hugues Allard-Chamard, MD PhD FRCPC, Visiting Scientist Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard (SelectScience review)

More information on our conjugation kits including the protocol and FAQ’s can be found here.