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Let’s Fix…..Fixation

Oftentimes we can’t get to the flow cytometer right away or need to fix a sample due to its potentially infectious nature.   If you are using traditional tandem dyes this can be a serious issue.  In the figure above, Paul Wallace of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute has shown that tandem dies breakdown in solution after 72 hours when simply left in a fridge in the dark. [Tario & Wallace. “Reagents and Cell Staining for Immunophenotyping by Flow Cytometry” 2014, Pages 3678-3701].   It gets even worse if left in fixative.  APC-Cy7 degrades into APC after just 72 hours in fixative, leading to a substantial false APC positive population.

In contrast, cells stained with NovaFluor-conjugated antibodies last for at least 2 weeks in fixative and there is no difference vs. fresh stained cells.  

For those working with human samples or the fact that our research laboratories have limited access, we think that the fixative stability of our NovaFluors could be potentially game-changing in your panel, Allowing you to:

  • fix your samples
  • run them later
  • run them safely

…and have full confidence that what you’re seeing is true biology not false positives from tandem degradation.  Isn’t it time for you to fix your fixation woes with NovaFluor conjugated antibodies?