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NovaFluor™ Fluorescent Labels

Clean, bright labels for high resolution biology

NovaFluors™, based on Phiton technology have high fluorescence transfer efficiencies, minimized cross-excitation, and reduced spectral spillover. Fluorescent labels have been released in two waves in 2020:

Fluorescent Labels: 

  • NovaFluor™ Blue 510
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 530
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 555
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 610-30S
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 610-70S
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 660-120S
  • NovaFluor™ Blue 660-40S
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 570
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 610
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 660
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 690
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 700
  • NovaFluor™ Yellow 720
  • NovaFluor™ Red 660
  • NovaFluor™ Red 685
  • NovaFluor™ Red 700

The NovaFlour™ Technology is currently offered in:

Clean, Bright, Consistent


+ NovaBlue 610 vs PE-Dazzle™ (CF594™, PE-CF594™, PE-TR™)
+ NovaBlue™ 530
+ NovaBlue™ 610
+ NovaBlue™ 660
NovaYellow™ 570
NovaYellow™ 610
NovaYellow™ 660

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