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Critical Questions When Purchasing Antibodies

We have been purchasing and testing an awful lot of antibodies (pun intended), as we continue to push the limits beyond the world’s first 45 color flow cytometry panel.

So we are continuing to question why researchers are burdened with the responsibility of determining the stability and testing the consistency of their reagents?

At Phitonex we sit on “both sides” of this fence — performing active research using flow cytometry and making conjugated antibodies and conjugation kits, and we have recognized the dire need to set the bar much, much higher on these items.  When you develop and manufacture antibodies right next to those using your products (in a socially distanced manner of course), you start focusing on what is important beyond spectral clarity, pushing the envelope in broad and deep immunophenotyping, and leveraging the detectors on any cytometer.  Our findings with NovaFluors gave us a useful checklist that we encourage you to use with your antibody vendor.  

So, how do NovaFluors stack up using this checklist?  

  1. Stability: 

√ NovaFluor fluorescent labels are stable for at least 3 months (zero difference in conjugation and staining)

√  NovaFluor fluorescent labels and conjugated antibodies are room temperature stable for at least 2 weeks (zero difference in staining)

√ NovaFluor conjugated antibodies are fixative stable (2% paraformaldehyde) on stained cells for at least 2 weeks

√ There are no spectral changes with NovaFluor conjugated antibodies after fixation or after 2 weeks in fixative versus fresh-stained cells

  1. Consistency: 

√ Yes, we share our lot-to-lot data for both NovaFluors and conjugated antibodies and they are incredibly consistent

√ We do not see vial-to-vial or lot-to-lot variability 

Phitonex’s commitment to you and your research is to produce stable and consistent fluorescent labels and conjugated antibodies now and many years from now with zero-to-no variability.  

And we are taking it a step further with Master Mix testing.  

Given the spectral clarity and what we have shared above, there has been tremendous interest in building backbone panels and master mixes from several NovaFluor-conjugated antibodies.  We are actively testing long term master mix storage to really nail down this last mile of reliability.

As Cicero said in De Senectute, De Amicitia “The shifts of fortune test the reliability of friends.”  We couldn’t agree more, and think it’s time you switched to NovaFluors for your Conjugation Kits and Conjugated Antibodies. Reagents you can count on for high resolution biology™ and best in class for stability and consistency.

And yes we now have 25 test versions of all our antibodies!