Phitonex is now a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. There is no change for our customers at this time to sales or service contacts or processes. We look forward to sharing more on the benefits of the acquisition for our customers soon. Learn more about: Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Phitonex, Inc. is the guiding light that enables illumination of the unknown. Our mission is to accelerate discovery in the life sciences to help find cures for disease, improve chronic illness, and eliminate suffering. To make these life-changing impacts, we have developed the Phiton™ platform, which enables the deterministic optical engineering of fluorescent labels to provide cleaner, higher-dimensional analysis of single cells. Our current product lines, NovaBlue and NovaYellow fluorescent labels, enable multiplexed detection using previously incompatible laser lines, and our follow-on products, InfiniFluors™, drastically expand the number of colors available for cellular marker detection. Across the board, Phitonex products allow scientists to capture more information from their critical cell samples, wasting less material while learning more. 

We are hiring: Analytical Chemists

Founded in 2017 as a Duke University spinout, Phitonex is now rapidly expanding. We are looking for highly motivated individuals interested in working in a fast paced, dynamic environment at the intersection of biology, DNA nanotechnology, and chemistry to create new technology impacting the way light is used in the life sciences. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career opportunity, join Phitonex to help develop the next-generation of technology for discovering new biology.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility is located in the vibrant heart of downtown Durham, NC. Established as a booming tobacco town in the early 1900s, Durham is quickly becoming a technology hub for the southeast region of the US as one of the three anchor points of the Research Triangle. The Phitonex lab is located in the Chesterfield building, a converted historic tobacco warehouse renovated in 2017 to house a variety of life science and technology companies. Our facility provides a diverse and inclusive work environment that enables us to push the boundaries of technology for the life sciences.

The material contained herein is provided for informational purposes only. All open positions offered by Phitonex are subject to specific job requirements, and Phitonex only accepts applications from qualified applicants, directly.  Applications from recruiters on behalf of applicants are not accepted.  If you are a recruiter, do not contact us for any reason.