Next Generation Fluorescent Labels and Instrumentation


Phitonex, Inc. is developing the next generation of fluorescent labels and instrumentation to advance the fight against disease.  Phitonex reagents provide a cost-effective, non-destructive method to obtain more information about critical molecular biomarkers, simplifying experimental design and accelerating the discovery process.  As a Duke University spin-out, the company’s co-founders have over 15 years of collaborative experience engineering labels at the molecular level to tailor their fluorescence properties.

Phitonex is currently developing two product lines:  a suite of extraordinarily bright labels spanning the entire visible spectrum, and a new class of fluorescent labels and instrumentation that together increase the number of simultaneously observable molecular biomarkers by 5-10 times that of existing high channel count systems. Phitonex is actively seeking seed funding to launch their bright labels in 2019, accelerate the production of their high channel count labels and systems, and grow the company.

Phitonex Products

The Problem:  Disease diagnosis and treatment is currently constrained by limitations of the fluorescent labels used to observe molecular biomarkers. These limitations include:

  1. Limited brightness – Low abundance molecular biomarkers require bright labels.  Few such labels exist.
  2. Limited colors – The spectral overlap of conventional fluorescent labels limits the number of simultaneously observable molecular biomarkers.  There is no clear path towards scaling current systems.

The Solution:  Phitonex solves these problems by introducing new fluorescent labels and instrumentation. NovaFluors™ are a suite of ultra-bright labels spanning the entire visible spectrum, perfect for observing low-abundance molecular biomarkers. InfiniFluors™ avoid the spectral overlap constraints of typical labels, and work in conjunction with InfiniSight™ instrumentation to increase the number of simultaneously observable molecular biomarkers.

For research use only.  Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


Brighter Labels in Every Color


InfiniFluor™ and InfiniSight™

Multiple Biomarkers Per Channel


The Team

  • Alvin Lebeck, PhD
    Alvin Lebeck, PhD Co-Founder
  • Chris Dwyer, PhD
    Chris Dwyer, PhD Co-Founder, CSO
  • Craig LaBoda, PhD
    Craig LaBoda, PhD Co-Founder, President, CTO
  • Mario Roederer, PhD
    Mario Roederer, PhD Scientific Advisor
  • Kent Weinhold, PhD
    Kent Weinhold, PhD Scientific Advisor
  • Tony Moody, MD
    Tony Moody, MD Scientific Advisor